Sites to Help You Choose a College or Grad Program

Choosing a college or graduate program involves consideration of many factors, including tuition and program rankings.  If you want free information about thousands of colleges and graduate schools, try the following sites.

US News Rankings

Each year, US News ranks colleges and graduate programs.  In addition to U.S. schools, the site also ranks the world’s best universities.  You can find rankings by location or subject area.  Although basic rankings are free, you’ll need to purchase a premium online edition for $14.95 to access detailed admissions and cost information about the graduate programs.

Princeton Review

Explore colleges and majors, prepare for standardized tests, and find scholarships at The Best Fit School Search suggests the best schools based on your qualifications and preferences.  Princeton Review also offers a number of interesting rankings from student surveys.

College Prowler

Register at to search for matching scholarships, calculate the real cost of your education, and find schools that match your criteria.  The site has thousands of student reviews and editorials, including what students say are the best and worst things about their schools.

Students Review

With around 70,000 reviews, is the place to find out what students really think about their colleges.  There area also alumni reviewed majors, tips for getting in, and dynamic rankings.

My Plan

My Plan provides college statistics, including most popular majors and graduation rates. Use the query feature to search for colleges by student body, location, resources, cost, campus setting, majors and admissions. Colleges are ranked by overall satisfaction, prestige, school resources, and several other factors.

College Stats

Visit to find colleges that match your criteria.  You can view colleges with the lowest tuition costs, the largest colleges, and much more. If most of the traditional schools are starting to look like they’re too expensive for you, you might want to consider online education. This is an option that allows you to pursue the education you’ve always wanted without having to move to a new area for four years. There is a massive variety of online schools, so don’t be afraid to really set some time aside to see what’s best for you.

For both objective information and more subjective ratings, these websites can help you narrow down your college or graduate school choices.  In an upcoming post, I’ll list specific questions to ask when choosing a college or graduate program.

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