Five Mental Barriers to Speedreading

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I am a speedreader. Having the ability to speedread triggers a lot of people to ask the question: ‘Can you really do that?’ Yes I can. And it is not that hard to learn. But before you are going to learn it, you first have to have a couple of mental barriers out of the way.

It takes a lot of time
No it doesn’t. All it takes to learn speedreading is 2 hours, one week. And than you only have to read a simple book you would’ve read anyway. The speedreading-training takes half an hour and you have to do this a couple of times during the week. And you have to practise with one book. So grab an easy-to-read book and speedread it.

It is really expensive
No it isn’t. First I also thought you had to take a special course to learn how to speedread. But you don’t have to. There is a good (and free) training on Tim Ferriss’ blog and you only need to read a couple of other tips on speedreading at other blogs, all for free!

It doesn’t work
Everybody who is exercising speedreading won’t agree with you. They still know what they are reading, they are only reading a lot faster!

You don’t learn anything when you are speedreading
You might skip something every once in a while (but you do this normally also), but you can always read something twice! Repetition is the mother of wisdom. And with speedreading, you are still saving time.

It looks funny
Alright, I have to give you this one, it definitly does!

Overcome these mental barriers and learn speedreading right now. Worth your little time-investment right now? Definitly.

This post is written by Stefan Knapen from Stefan has written an ultimate guide on speedreading, explaining every bit of it.

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