6 Part Time Jobs Every Student Would Love

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Going to college comes with a ton of real life changes. This includes the fact that your parents aren’t around anymore for whenever you need some extra cash. Though you might not have the time to take on a full-time job because of class and other engagements, there are a lot of fun, and paying part-time jobs available to students. Here goes our list of the top 7 part-time jobs that every student would love.

# 1: Freelance Writer

Have you aced all of your beginner’s English courses? Love writing for your school’s local newspaper but it doesn’t pay enough? You should think about becoming a freelance writer. On the internet these days there are a ton of freelance writing jobs. You can write website product descriptions, blog posts, informative articles, you name it. The best thing is that you can complete all of this work from the comfort of your own dorm. All you need is a computer and internet access and you can find work from the variety of the different freelancer job posting sites on the web.

# 2 Product Tester

Love receiving free samples? Can you talk for hours about your likes and dislikes regarding a particular product or good? Well you should look into becoming a product tester. Big corporations in the food, technology, clothing and other consumer industries spend years developing products. Before they release these products to the general public they typically test out the product with a small group of people. How awesome would it be to get paid to play a new video game, or try a new fast-food snack and then receive a check at the end? Cha-chiing! The only downside to product testing is that its not consistent work. However, if you make your way on to a company’s product tester list, you could get some extra cash for receiving or using free swag!

# 3 Bike Messenger

Love being on the go, but can’t afford a car? You should think about becoming a bike messenger. This job can help keep you in mad shape while you zip around your community delivering packages and communications to businesses and other people. Or you could even do part-time work as a delivery person for a local restaurant. Increasingly businesses are turning to bike messengers because they are better for the environment, and have lower operating costs then deliveries made by cars.

# 4 Library Assistant

We know it may sound like the nerdiest job on earth, but working part-time at your school’s library may actually be the easiest job ever. There’s minimal work to be done with the librarians being the only people that students ever need to talk to. Your job more than likely will literally be to sit at a desk, so why not get some of that homework done while your on the clock. Its not like there gonna tell you that you can’t read in the library right?

# 5 Bagel Shop

Have you heard? Bagels are the new donut! Pun aside, bagel shops are one of the best places to have a part-time job as a student. They open early and close early which gives you plenty of time to go to class and have a social life. Bagel shops often throw away their bagels at the end of the day because they want to maintain quality/freshness. Employees are allowed to take home as many bagels as they want. Can you imagine how much free food that is for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Furthermore, bagels stores often serve coffee, which has been proven to encourage customer’s to tip better. Don’t believe us? Just ask a Starbucks barista.

# 6 Campus Tour Guide

Are you a history buff? Love wandering for hours enjoying the beautiful architecture and landscape of your campus? You would probably make a great campus tour guide. The great thing about this part-time job is that you get paid to have school spirit, and basically show people around your school. Talk about a short commute right?

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